24K Gold Facial 

Gold is an essential part of the beauty industry.

Did you know that gold was used as a beauty product by the ancients? Historians believe that cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, kept her skin youthful and flawless by using a gold mask every night.

Gold has many benefits, and increasing circulation is among them; Increasing circulation helps nourish the cells and eliminate toxins. This treatment rejuvenates the skin immediately by stimulating cell growth and slowing down collagen reduction (collagen reduction is a natural biological process which starts after 35-40). Gold is also used to banish blemishes and fade age spots.  Gold is full of anti- aging properties that will benefit towards firming the skin. This 24K Gold Facial illuminates the skin; it will make it glow and give it a satiny smoothness which you will notice immediately after the treatment.

A study by the National centre of Biotechnology Information indicates that Gold has been shown to accelerate and improve wound healing, prevent scarring (gold was used to prevent scarring from small pox in the 17th century) (1). Another study investigated the use of Gold for acne treatments and concluded to show promising results due to the photothermolysis activity; Showed significantly reduced inflammation on the sebaceous glands (2).  

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