Marina Troyansky is a paramedical aesthetician with a registered nurse (RN) background. Marina has been practicing paramedical aesthetics for over 15 years now. Before that, she has practiced as a registered nurse since 1989. Marina has gained experience in many areas of the medical field such orthopaedics, internal medicine, general surgery and plastic surgery.

In 2003, Marina has decided to combine her medical expertise with her passion for the aesthetics world and has successfully graduated as a para-medical aesthetician from GIGI Academy in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Marina started practicing as a premedical aesthetician right away and has opened her own clinic while still working part time as a nurse. In 2008,

Marina and her family have moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba (CA) and she successfully passed her aesthetics exams and received a Canadian license. She continued working as a paramedical aesthetician and opened her own clinic.

In 2015, Marina has relocated the clinic to Vaughan (Maple), Ontario where she continues to provide a personalized treatment approach. Marina’s services are tailored to the mens and women individual needs.

She’s passionate about health and beauty of the skin and believes in individualized treatment. She specializes in acne, post acne, anti-aging and pigmentation while using the top new technology as Radio-Frequency machines, Ultrasonic, Microdermabrasion, Mayo-Stimulation etc.

Along with top line beauty products. Marina is passionate about installing back the confidence of her clients and enjoys seeing the results of a glowing youthful healthy looking skin.


Trilingual – Russian, Hebrew and English.